Oxyvital AirOstyle

Oxyvital® AirOStyle™


Air Purifier

The Oxyvital® AirOStyle purifier is designed for use in commercial and also residential applications to remove particles and odours, airborne bacteria and viruses and providing the cleanest indoor air available in the most affordable manner to an area up to 65sqm.


AirOStyle is designed by Swiss designer with the perfect assembly structure of German technology, the top durable fan provides powerful filtering performance, fast responsive advanced intelligent sensing technology, real-time and accurate monitoring of air quality, automatically adjust the purification intensity to ensure that every breath you take is high-quality air. The design inspiration comes from the pursuit of high quality yet affordable.


  • The one-piece housing design prevent the risk of secondary pollutions and is made of durable materials, coupled with German technology high quality fans and rigorous high-end production technology.
  • 360 degree airflow outlet, let the fresh air filled in every corner. The fan utilizes precise aerodynamic technology to provide maximum airflow
  • Easy and user friendly. The compact device design allows you to change the filter and strainer very easily and conveniently. With just one button click, the fuselage can be mechanically and automatically raised, showing the filter and strainer inside, eliminating the trouble of disassembling and reassembling the filter element every time, meanwhile avoid the risk of contamination or virus bacteria spreading.


Perfect for any indoor space where people work, live or play, the typical applications include residential spaces as well as schools, offices, hotels, gyms, spas, nurseries and day -care centres.