New nano-level air catalyst mixture solution and its manufacturing method


This product involves a new innovative air purification technology:

The new nanoscale air catalyst mixture solution is an aqueous solution, including isopropanol, deionized water, titanium tetrachloride TiCl4, phosphoric acid, and the above components are reacted in deionized water to obtain the target solution. The target solution is diluted with deionized water and added with hydrophilic silica and/or polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride to obtain the final solution; the concentration of phosphoric acid selected in the present invention is between 80-85%, of course, In the invention, the hydrophilic silica and polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride can be added separately, and the two substances can also be added simultaneously.


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TX-5 ® new nano-level air catalyst as long as there is air, it can catalyze formaldehyde and make it oxidized by oxygen in the air. This product can be used in normal households as well as in certain environments without visible light. Achieve the effect of removing formaldehyde and antibacterial.

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TX-5® has ultra-fine particles of 2-7nm. After spraying, it produces a porous structural transparent film coating, which produces highly active catalysis. The reaction produces hydroxyl radicals with strong oxidizing power, OH, which combines macromolecular inorganic ions and uses aqueous solutions to cover the surface of the object, effectively absorb and quickly decompose the chemical pollutant gas in its spatial range, so that the concentration of the part is very low, and the high-concentration pollutants in other parts flow to the low-concentration parts immediately, and the incoming pollutants are quickly decomposed again. This product does not require any ultraviolet light. It only needs to be in contact with the air. It can continuously decompose chemical pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc., 24 hours a day and night, so that the chemical pollutants in the entire space can be decomposed and removed. The coating has a 6H hardness base material, which is not easy to wear, and has the ability to adsorb, induce, penetrate, decompose and remove harmful pollutants, and is effective for a long time. During the entire decomposition process, the chemical pollutant gas eventually turns into water and carbon dioxide, which is completely harmless to the human body.


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TX-5® purification technology also uses electrostatic force, hydrogen bonding force, and hydrophobic binding between surfactant molecules and protein molecules to adsorb negatively charged bacteria and accumulate on the cell wall, resulting in a room barrier effect, leading to bacterial growth suppressed and die; reactive oxygen species can cause damage to bacterial cells and gene structure. At the same time, its hydrophobic alkyl group can also interact with the hydrophilic group of bacteria to change the permeability of the membrane, and then undergo lysis, destroy the bacterial cell structure, and cause cell lysis and death.


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TX-5® purification technology has outstanding performance and is currently the industry leader in air catalysts. We also believe that the product can solve most of the chemical pollutants in the room or in the car.


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